Sunday, October 18, 2009

Raging Water

Raging Falls at Sunset.

Week 10: Raging Water and How I Almost Went for a Swim with an Expensive Camera.

This is one of those shots I have to ask myself after I took it, was it worth it? I think so. I almost dunked my K-7 with 16-45mm twice, got my feet soaked and almost sent some kid fishing plunging into the water when I slipped :)

When I was in the water I grabbed the camera release instead on the tripod instead of the ball head adjustment lever and the camera flipped forward and plunged toward the water. Good thing my other hand was in front of the camera and was able to stop its fall.

It is hard to get a good angle on these falls from the shore, so I waded out to the middle and set up my tripod. I needed the tripod for the long shutter speed effect. I don't have a suitable neutral density filter so I set the camera to 1/10th second and multi exposure mode and took 9 successive images which the camera combined automatically into a final image. The multi exposure mode gives the same effect as a really long shutter speed, maybe like 10 or 20 seconds equivalent.

Would I do it again? You betchya, but I might be more careful on the mossy rocks. Crampons or something would help a lot as well as water proof boots. My pant leg is still wet.



  1. .... like your shots... all of them, but.....
    well I´m crazy about BW myself, and I think you´ve got some great BW shots here...! Congrats

  2. Thanks! I love B&W photography.